Zawata Overseas based in Hyderabad, India, is the face of many a reputed immigration centers across the globe. Based on the user profile we analyze, recommend appropriate and accredit countries based on the employment opportunities available for professionals with specific skill sets and are aspiring for an international job with a permanent residency. The Process team is well equipped with the state-of-art communication network to enable efficient and result oriented services across India and abroad. All your needs met at under one Umbrella. We support you throughout, from your application processing, to supporting you to choose the country, best available carrier options, applying for the visa, pre-departure services (accommodation, culture, pit falls etc.) and support for clients at their destination.


Our core competence is visa documentation and expertise in green cards. Hundreds of case studies have given us the experience and expertise to handle any type of case. We take our aspirants through a process, different steps towards permanent residency. Our Process begins from choosing a country, immigration services, application& eligibility fulfillment, follow-up, visa guide, boarding, ticketing, pre-departure briefing, accommodation & Stay-Back Options etc.All Our activities are professional career centric. Our counselor’s team provides all the information needed to make an informed choice for professionals. Our team understands our client’s aspirations and work with them to make the best choice for which we offer a wide range of immigration services across the Globe.


Zawata approach to get a Visa is purely based on application’s 100% eligibility to a certain country. We not only ensure an applicant has enough points to qualify, but also be transparent about other factors, which may impact an application.

Processing Fee

Our service fee is competitive & among the best you will find in the industry, without comprising on the quality of the service, making your process affordable and easy.


At Zawata, we make every effort to ensure that all application receive only positive result (though the final decision is taken the respective Embassy), yet if the application is still rejected, we refund the entire 100% fee paid to us, with no string attached



Migration overseas is an exciting opportunity never to be missed out. Reasons could be many such as acquiring a higher professional degree, or to settle down permanently and work or perhaps just to go on a short trip, but the word "overseas travel" simply excites you. World- over citizens of various countries are moving on and settling and working in other countries apart from their own for better financial prospects and professional challenges.Immigration to countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark, UK, and Hong Kong among many others is much sought after and many settlers try hard for permanent residency which is not all that easy to get. Even the process for citizenship is a tedious one and one has to adhere to several visa requirements. In many countries, such as USA, those keen on working and bettering their lives opt for the Green Card which allows them to take up work. Also if one is able to gain access to PR, one can work with ease, without having to worry about being an alien. Zawata visa have all the answers to your queries and their expert guidance will quicken the process of immigration.



Student Visa Students who wish to go abroad have many choices, these days. But many of them end up taking courses that are not suitable for them or end up in institutions that are not worth going to. Reason? Lack of proper guidance! Zawata, a young company run by professionals, is committed to give you impartial advice on your higher education & career and help secure your future. Zawata offers an integrated package of services to students who wish to go abroad for higher educations absolutely free of Cost. Any other services other than admissions to Universities, like booking etc would be taken care of.



Migration to another country is often cumbersome and long duration process. The different terms and conditions for various types of visas for different countries are often difficult to understand. Visa consultation services offered by many immigration experts are most useful in this regard. If the services of a visa consultant are not utilized, then there are chances that you may face many problems. The criteria considered for evaluation of eligibility pertains to your age, educational qualification, work experience, financial capacity and other information about your background. Then your application is scrutinized, and awarded points for your credentials and then the authorities come to the conclusion to whether or not to grant a visa to you. If you are not eligible, then the money spent is lost and also you will not receive any refund for payments made from the respective embassy.

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ZAWATA Global is a migration agency experienced in visa application requirements. We understand that immigration law changes regularly and is complex in nature.

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